1. The surface that you are going to put your stone on should be primed (Stonel).instrukcja 1 a

2. Use cement mortar (Stonel) (it should be anti-freezing) and use it according to the manual.instrukcja 3instrukcja 2

3. The stone can be used either as stacked or with joint. It is recommended to use the Stonel cement grout , so-called non-marking (Stonel).

4. Before installation, the back of the stone should be cleaned with a wire brush the side where the mortar will be put.
instrukcja 4

5. The surface of the wall should be clean, dry and stable.
instrukcja 5

6. Mix the stone pieces from different cartons to avoid color differences (any discoloration of the stone is intended by the manufacturer).
instrukcja 6

7. Put the mortar evenly on the stone so that after pressing it to the wall you will see some of the mortar coming outside the stone. Remove the excess of the mortar with your finger or a trovel (if you decide to use stacked stone remember not to put too much of the mortar – so that it does not soil other stones).instrukcja 7

8. While applying mortar be careful not to soil the front side of the stone (if there is any dirt left, wait until the mortar dries up and then remove it with a soft brush).

9. You may cut the stone with a circular concrete saw.

10. For grouting use Stonel pastry bags or grout spreader for clincer.

11. Fill in the joints between the tiles with the grout, trying not to leave any dirt on the surface of the stone (if there is any dirt left remove it with a soft brush).

12. The stone should be installed in temperatures: 5-25oC (protect it from the rain for the
next 24h).

13. After the installation, impregnate the stone and joints with a suitable impregnant (Stonel) (small amount of white washed coating is natural and you can remove it with a soft brush).

14. Exterior stone can be cleaned with a soft brush.The surface that you are going to put your stone on should be primed.

15. Stonel gives a 2-year-warranty which applies only to original purchasers. The guarantee does not cover damages due to: airborne pollutants, dirt, wall movement or settlement, bolt of water at high pressure, or delivery. The warranty covers only single faulty pieces and not the labor. Stonel considers obligatory the use of Stonel products: graut, primer and impregnant, penality the decadence of every guarantee from our company.






White washed coating is a natural effect of the process of concrete drying. It appears when calcium oxide is not bound completely. Water in the form of precipitation causes leaching of unbound calcium hydroxide. Flushed to the surface of the stone it reacts with the carbon dioxide from the air to form calcium carbonate (white washed coating). It disappears after 1-2 years.

One of the methods to lessen this effect is to impregnate the stone with the Stonel impregnant. It will block the water from getting into the stone (which is the main reason of such white washed coating). The impregnant protects the stone and increases its lifetime. What is more it is easier to remove any dirt from the impregnated stone.

White washed coating has no negative effect on the quality of the stone. The guarantee does not cover such an issue.

The Polish standards concerning the concrete wares allow such white coatings to appear as a part of the maturation of concrete. Before installing the stone it should be carefully checked if there are no cracks on each piece of the stone.


Despite keeping the same recipe and controlling the quality of the materials used for the manufacturing, there might be changes in color.

It is inevitable since there might be differences in the quality of the dye, aggregate or cement, as well as in the maturation process (temperature, humidity).

Discolorations are manufacturing effect and cannot be covered by the warranty.

The Polish standards concerning the concrete wares allow discolorations on the surface of concrete products.

To keep the natural looking effect we suggest using the stone from the same delivery as well as mixing the stone from different cartons.

The guarantee is not subject to:

The warranty does not cover the labor, only single faulty pieces.